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Covid-19 contagion, economic activity and business reopening protocols (joint with Alexandre Janiak and Caio Machado, 2021Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol 182, 264-284. 


Working Papers
Work in progress

Lumpy Forecasts (joint with Isaac Baley), Draft coming soon! 

Price-Setting over the Supply Chain (joint with Jorge Miranda-Pinto and Luis F. Céspedes)

Perceived Uncertainty and Startups (joint with Davide Melcangi and Michael Leatherbee)

Monetary Non-Neutrality across Borders (joint with Giancarlo Oseguera and Alejandro Vicondoa).

The Effects of Chinese Macroeconomic News on the Global Financial Cycle (joint with Camila Gutierrez and Alejandro Vicondoa).

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